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How Does A Chocolate Coater Work?

Chocolate Coating makes chocolate-covered snacks easier and more effective from start to finish. These machines work step-by-step to help you get the perfect dessert. Here's how the Chocolate Production Line Machinery Equipment's chocolate coating works:

Tempering: First, the chocolate has to be tempered in the tempering unit first, which helps it turn into a smooth liquid that can be easily spread on different foods.

Pre-coating: Next, place the candy or treat as an inclusion on a wire rack that pulls the pieces through the coating line.

Cooling: The inclusions move towards the coater, stopping at the rapid cooling system to solidify the chocolate from the pre-bottom step.

Coating: The wire rack is now running through the coating machine and through the waterfall that covers each bar of chocolate. Any excess chocolate will fall off the wires before a trip to the waterfall

Spread Evenly: The shaker shakes the grill to make sure the chocolate spreads evenly on each piece.

Details: The wire frame runs through the details. This part of the machine removes the "tail" that a piece of candy may have created due to the coating machine.

Glazing: Finally, the chocolate mass enters the cooling channel, which has a specific airflow system that solidifies the chocolate and creates a gloss for the final product.

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