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What Are The Features Of The Chocolate Conching Machine?

What Are The Features Of the Chocolate Conching Machine?

There are several types of chocolate conching machines which means they come with varying features.

In addition, you can find some of the following main functions in a chocolate confectioner:

Stainless steel material structure, high quality, and food-grade

Natural granite that does not chip during refining

Control panel with PLC and HMI for easy use and monitoring

Motor for automatic belt-tightening and loosening

Easy maintenance, assembly, and disassembly

Jacket insulation improves the chocolate quality

Rugged construction

The machine is versatile as you can refine other materials than chocolate

Dehydration, deodorization, efficient and economical

An automatic temperature control mechanism

You can achieve smooth operation because it has a belt or chain drive mechanism

Pressure control mechanism to increase and decrease pressure

The motor inside the machine has the CE quality mark

The machine can run continuously for 5 to 7 days

The motor is on the side, making the confectioner stable and easy to tilt

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